When you develop a cavity, you essentially have a small hole in your tooth that is being made bigger and bigger by harmful bacteria. Even the best home care cannot fully remove all traces of the thin, sticky film of plaque produced by oral bacteria. In its early stages, plaque is soft and relatively simple to remove. However, it can solidify and become difficult to remove, causing an array of oral health concerns including the opportunity for tooth decay.

It is simply not enough to be proactive and consistent about your good oral health practices at home, as many concerns are difficult to spot in their early stages. By the time someone experiences toothaches or sensitivity, a cavity may already be past the tooth enamel and into the dentin portion of the tooth. That is why Dr. Kaur at Defining smiles encourages coming in for a routine dental check-up at least twice a year.

The Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

A filling is the direct restorative process a dentist uses to fill a cavity. We would first remove the decay and then clean and remove the bacteria in and around the affected area. We then add the composite filling to the tooth to fill the cavity, hardening or curing it to ultimately restore the structural integrity of your tooth. Not only is the process quick and efficient, requiring only one visit to perform, but it provides a natural appearance without using any metal.

Our office offers tooth-colored fillings to not only preserve your oral health, but to provide a seamless and natural look to your teeth as well. To learn more about our tooth-colored fillings or other restorative services, contact us today.

Restore Your Tooth with a Natural-Looking Filling Today

Our tooth-colored fillings provide a natural look, and bond securely to your tooth to ensure your tooth’s structural integrity. Contact us today at (972) 717-0660 to schedule an appointment with our team at Defining Smiles or to learn more about our restorative dental options.