What happens when a cavity continues to grow or worsen? In this situation, we might recommend the restorative option of a dental crown. A dental crown completely encircles or caps a tooth so as to protect and strengthen the remaining portion. Dental crowns also help support teeth that have endured a fracture or breakage.

Dental crowns are custom-made and designed to fit the specific complexities and surface of your tooth. We first create a dental impression to capture the shape of your tooth, then create the crown that will fit snugly on your tooth, cemented in place with a dental adhesive. At Defining Smiles, we also offer a variety of dental crowns to assist in your restorative dental needs, from traditional gold crowns to aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking CEREC crowns.

CEREC crowns not only seamlessly blend in with your smile, but we can also provide them in just one appointment. Because of how natural they look, how quickly we can place them, and how durable they are, CEREC crowns are one of the most popular options for capping a tooth!

We are ready to work with you to create the custom dental crown you need. Contact our office today to learn more about our dental crown options and what might work best for you.

Protecting Your Smile with a Dental Crown

A dental crown might be the restorative option that works best for your oral health, and it is crucial to know all of your restorative dental crown options. We at Defining Smiles take into account your oral health and cosmetic satisfaction when it comes to your smile, and are happy to assist in your dental needs. Call our office at (972) 717-0660 to set up a restorative dental appointment or to learn more.