Making your oral health a priority can help you detect dangerous and life-threatening diseases such as oral cancer. Oral or mouth cancer is the growth of harmful cells inside or outside the mouth, lips, or upper throat area. One sign can be difficulty in swallowing or pain when swallowing or eating. Oral cancer can develop due to tobacco or alcohol use, family history, age or UV exposure to the lips and mouth area. Sometimes the cause is not known. When caught early, oral cancer can often be treated. Like other cancers, however, the longer it goes undetected and untreated, the worse the impact can be on your health and even your life.

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, the high mortality rate of oral cancer is due to the fact that it is usually not detected until late in the developing process. It can be handled with a combination of surgery and therapy, though preventing it or detecting it early results in the best outcomes. Fortunately, our office is here to help.

The American Cancer Society recommends screening during every preventive dental appointment, and at Defining Smiles, we provide routine oral cancer screenings regularly to help you track your health. If you would like to learn more about oral cancer warning signs and risk factors, contact our office.

Year-Round Oral Cancer Screenings

Developing an illness of any kind can be a concerning and difficult process, especially when the diagnosis is cancer. JR Gonzalez, DDS works with his patients to ensure their health is a top priority and that they understand and are knowledgeable about their options. Contact our office at (972) 717-0660 to schedule an appointment with our Dallas Dentist. The first step in the treatment process is knowing there is a problem, and it is better to be proactive when it comes to your oral health.