One of the most popular cosmetic dental services, teeth whitening is the process in which a dentist can safely and efficiently bleach your teeth to diminish or reverse any discoloration, stains, or darkened areas they may have sustained over the years. If you are looking to brighten your smile, we can help.

There are multiple factors that contribute to discoloration in teeth over the years. For example, if you drink coffee, tea, or other liquids with high acidity, these play a factor in tooth discoloration. Other factors include currently smoking or having a history of smoking, the foods you eat and more.

In-Office or at Home

At Defining Smiles, we can assist in your teeth whitening needs with a variety of methods. We first assess and evaluate your teeth to see if teeth whitening is right for you, as in some cases, a different cosmetic dental service may better meet your expectations. Then we discuss what whitening options you can choose from, including laser whitening or other treatments. We also offer a quick and easy method called Zoom Quick Pro, which uses a bleaching gel that is painted onto your teeth, to brighten your teeth in about five minutes. In one quick application, your smile will be noticeably whiter in just minutes.

Dentist-supervised methods remain the most effective and recommended way to lighten your smile, and our office would be happy to assist you.

Teeth Whitening Services

Dr. Kaur takes the time to efficiently assess your options for teeth whitening and advise what would work best for you. To schedule an appointment with our office, contact us online or at (972) 717-0660 to discuss your teeth-whitening options today.