Changes in dental technology can lead to improvements in patient treatment and comfort. By providing oral health services with laser tools, Defining Smiles can offer services that provide more precise care and limited bleeding in work on sensitive areas. Our practice can also offer treatment solutions that patients find more comfortable, making time spent in the dentist’s chair more comfortable even when more advanced services are needed.

What The Use Of Laser Technology In The Dentist’s Office Means For You

Since 1994, laser technology has been available for use in the dentist’s office. These tools provide different services, with lasers being relied on for work on gums and other soft tissue areas as well as for different restorative and cosmetic dental services. As an alternative to manual tools, this technology can provide more precise treatments. This both preserves healthy surrounding tissues with greater ease and encourages faster and easier recovery after care. Lasers can also minimize bleeding that will occur during soft tissue work, and they can even remove the need for suturing.

Based on your needs, your history with dental care, and your concerns about possible discomfort during a procedure, we can talk to you about the role that a laser tool can play during your appointment. This is one of many ways in which we prioritize patient comfort and individualized treatment experiences!

Talk To Defining Smiles About Laser Treatment!

Our Irving, TX dental practice is proud to rely on laser tools at our practice. With this technology, we can offer important oral health care while making your time in the dentist’s chair more comfortable! For more information, reach out to Defining Smiles today at 972.717.0660.