Category: Restorative Dentistry

Using A Lifelike Restoration To Address Dental Decay

If you develop a cavity, the condition of your tooth will continue to worsen in the time it takes you to set up the appropriate restorative dental treatment. Having your Irving, TX dentist remove decayed enamel will only be part of the treatment process. A cavity is concerning not just because it will keep growing… Read more »

Will Your Tooth Look Different After A Cavity Treatment?

Treatment should happen as soon as possible when you have a cavity. By putting off restorative dental work, you allow that cavity time to keep growing, which means you will lose more of your healthy tooth structure and make it more likely an infection will form before your treatment. One reason people delay treatment is… Read more »

We Can Restore A Problem Tooth With A Same-Day Dental Crown

Our Irving, TX dentist’s office is committed to helping patients protect their teeth from harm. With that said, we are ready to act when a patient experiences an issue with their oral health between routine appointments, or when a new patient arrives and needs restorative dental work done. For injuries and advanced cavities, we can… Read more »