Category: Restorative Dentistry

Do You Have Concerns About An Older Filling?

Cavity treatments have to do more than just remove decayed tissues and stop the spread of bacteria. Before your dentist is finished with your restorative treatment, they need to provide a permanent restoration to keep your tooth safe. At our Irving, TX dental practice, we use durable, lifelike fillings and crowns for our patients when… Read more »

Why Cavities Call For Restorative Work

There are several actions you can – and should – take to avoid problems with dental decay. Each day, you protect your smile when you brush and floss, and when you take care to minimize your exposure to sugary and acidic foods and beverages. You also keep your enamel safe by seeing your dentist for… Read more »

What To Expect From A Same-Day Crown

When a restorative procedure calls for more support than a filling can offer, your Irving, TX dentist can provide a custom dental crown for support. Our practice can have this restoration ready for you in less time than you expect, as we have the technology and resources to make custom crowns in just one visit!… Read more »

Securing Your Custom Dental Bridge

What does a dental bridge do for someone affected by tooth loss? If you are missing just one tooth, you can experience more difficulties than you might anticipate with your bite function. Problems with an awkward or uneven bite can lead to persistent jaw stiffness and pain. It can also lead to too much reliance… Read more »

Our Practice Uses Dental Fillings That Match Your Enamel

Restorative dental work takes care of tooth decay by removing infected tissues from your enamel. Doing this protects you against the spread of bacteria and puts a stop to growing damage. Unfortunately, this treatment will not lead to the natural recovery of lost enamel. To protect your tooth, your Irving, TX dentist can restore it… Read more »

Will Cavity Treatment Impact Your Confidence In Your Smile?

If you have a cavity, you need to arrange professional dental treatment to stop it from growing and damaging more of your tooth structure than it has already affected. The frustrating issue with cavities is that they manage to cause permanent harm to your enamel even when they are caught in an early stage. With… Read more »

Preparing For A Cavity Treatment

If you keep up with good daily brushing and flossing habits, and you also take care of your smile by making smart diet choices, you are less likely to have a cavity discovered during your next routine dental exam. While people often express confidence in their preventive efforts, they can be surprised to hear that… Read more »

Can You Really Have A Prosthetic Tooth Permanently Placed?

Tooth loss creates problems for your appearance, bite function, and general oral health. Few dental issues are this noticeable, or create so many concerns around your dental function; fortunately, this is a problem that can be addressed with a permanent prosthetic! At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, we offer more than one approach to prosthetic… Read more »

We Are Ready To Take On Dental Emergencies!

When a dental emergency occurs, you can find yourself in need of a dental appointment as soon as possible! Fortunately, the search for urgent care can be less frustrating when you know what your dentist is prepared to offer on short notice. At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, we want our patients to know that… Read more »

A Same-Day Dental Crown Can Shorten Your Treatment Time

Once a cavity forms and damages your enamel, you will need to schedule treatment with your dentist to stop the harm from spreading. For some patients, treatment will not occur until a cavity is too large for a dental filling, which means they will need a dental crown to protect their tooth. While other practices… Read more »