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The Role Root Canals Play In Cavity Care

If a cavity is not cared for in time, it can end up causing serious harm to your tooth. One concern is that bacteria will eventually gain access to the living tissues within the structure, which causes discomfort and puts you at heightened risk for oral health problems. To address this infection, your Irving, TX… Read more »

Enjoy Care From A Convenient And Lifelike Crown

If you need dental work that requires a crown, what can you really expect from treatment? How long will it take to have a restoration in place, and what will it do to your appearance? At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, we can provide welcome results from restorative dental work. When your tooth needs the… Read more »

Trusting Support From A Tooth-Colored Filling

How much can you really expect from a treatment to address a cavity? At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, you can look forward to long-term support from a restoration that is durable as well as lifelike. For many patients, we are able to treat decay through the placement of dental fillings. The material we use… Read more »

How Dental Bridges Restore Smiles

There are few problems that are as difficult to ignore as tooth loss. Unfortunately, it can be both hard for you to ignore its effect on your life and hard for others to ignore the empty space in your smile. At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, we can provide a permanent solution in the form… Read more »

How Does A Partial Crown Benefit Me?

If you need to do something about a cavity or an injured tooth, you can be understandably hopeful that treatment will be as conservative as possible. By limiting the overall work that we have to do, our Irving, TX dentist’s office can help you preserve more of your enamel. Because we offer care with partial… Read more »

Protecting A Tooth With A CEREC Same-Day Crown

If you have a problem with a cavity or physical injury, the right treatment for your tooth should include protection from a permanent restoration. Many dental offices that place crowns will have to do so over two separate appointments, which means you have to wait to receive the support you actually need for your tooth…. Read more »

How Fillings Restore Your Dental Health

Dental problems need to be taken seriously, as they can cause irreversible harm to your tooth structure and make you vulnerable to future problems. When you have a cavity, your Irving, TX dentist will do more than just tend to the infected material and remove it from your tooth structure. To provide lasting protection, we… Read more »

What Can I Do For My Cracked Tooth?

Cavities are certainly a risk to your smile, but decay is not the only threat to your enamel. Even though they are strong enough to hold up through years of biting and chewing, enamel can be physically harmed. A crack in a tooth, even one that seems minor, could put you in jeopardy of several… Read more »

Dental Services For An Aching Tooth

Why is your tooth feeling sore or sensitive? It could be a symptom of a serious cavity, or of lingering problems with a physical injury. At our Irving, TX dental practice, we can provide the appropriate support through our restorative dental services. In fact, we can even step in and provide care when you need… Read more »

Questions You May Have About Cavity Treatment

How should you respond when you are told that you have a cavity? While this problem is certainly not a positive development, it is beneficial to have it identified so that it can be properly addressed. At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, we provide restorative dental services that protect teeth and even preserve natural-looking smiles…. Read more »