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How A Crown Addresses A Dental Injury

While dental decay is a threat people should continue to take seriously, you should remember that cavities are not the only threat that our smiles face. As strong a material as it is, enamel can be damaged by physical trauma. Something as simple as an awkward bite can leave you with enamel that is chipped,… Read more »

Feeling Comfortable With Your Dental Crown

If you have a problem with a tooth, the right procedure can protect it from further harm while also making sure you can still bite and chew without difficulty. At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, we provide different treatment options to patients who have experienced problems with their enamel. For many, it will be necessary… Read more »

Your Satisfaction With A Tooth-Colored Filling

While dental work to treat your cavity can preserve your oral health, you may worry about how it will impact the way you look. If treatment has to take place in a more conspicuous part of your smile, will you still feel good about your appearance, or will you have to deal with the embarrassment… Read more »

Reassuring Information On Cavity Care

Worrying about your dental health is important. If you ignore your smile’s needs and go without regular dental visits, you can experience complications from cavities that form and become more advanced over time. What this means is you can end up with a problem that is severe enough to require a root canal, and possibly… Read more »

Implant Dentistry And Its Benefits For You

There are many problems that will persist after the loss of a tooth. The problem certainly affects the quality of your smile, but it can also create difficulties by interfering with your bite function and making you vulnerable to new oral health concerns. One of those concerns is actually the loss of more teeth, as… Read more »

Enjoying Protection With A Partial Crown

While your tooth may require more support than a filling is intended to offer, you may not require the full support of a dental crown. If these were your only two options, the receipt of a crown could mean more work—and more changes to your tooth structure—than you actually require. At our Irving, TX dentist’s… Read more »

Completing Care In One Day With A CEREC Crown

If you need treatment for a cavity that requires more support than a filling can give, or if you need to do something about an injured tooth, our Irving, TX dentist can respond with a custom dental crown. In doing so, we can see to it that you have functional support that lets you continue… Read more »

Addressing Tooth Decay With A Lifelike Filling

Tooth decay does permanent damage to your tooth structure, which is why treatment includes the placement of a restoration. While your enamel may experience irreversible harm, you do not have to fear a permanent change to your smile when the right approach to treatment is taken. At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, we provide restorative… Read more »

Replacement Options For Missing Teeth

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If you are facing a tooth extraction, or if you have already lost one (or a group), you might be looking forward to having a suitably sturdy and functional prosthetic. Not only that, but a beautiful new prosthetic can look great, but you need to decide on which path to take in your recovery. Well,… Read more »

When Tooth Extraction Is Part Of Treatment

Restorative dental work can be more conservative than you realize. Our Irving, TX dental practice will take care to minimize changes to your tooth structure when dealing with a cavity or injury. However, there are times when more advanced services need to take place to provide relief. In these circumstances, tooth extractions are sometimes necessary…. Read more »