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Reliable Oral Health Care For Irving Families

If you want to keep your smile healthy, and you want to make sure your family members have access to reliable support as well, it s important to find an Irving, TX dentist you can depend on. Defining Smiles is here to help patients of all ages, which means we can meet with adults as… Read more »

How Checkups Help You Protect Your Gums

Every dental checkup you attend helps you keep your smile safe from problems created by oral bacteria. One problem you need to avoid is gum disease, something that can have more impact on your well-being than you might realize. If an issue with your periodontal health develops and is not treated in time, it can… Read more »

3 Tips To Follow For Better Cavity Prevention

Whether you have never had a cavity or hope to never have one again, it can be a good idea to occasionally review your efforts to protect your smile. Are you really doing enough to make sure that tooth decay will not be a problem for you? Our Irving, TX dentist’s office can help you… Read more »

When Should My Next Oral Health Review Occur?

Is it already time for your next dental exam? If you have fallen out of the habit of seeing your dentist for regular reviews, you may be past due for another visit. This can create several problems for you, as missing appointments means losing out on timely treatment when oral health issues develop. Someone who… Read more »

How Teeth Cleanings Support Smile Health

You clean your teeth every day, so why should you go into your dentist’s office to have this service provided by your hygienist? As important as it is to be consistent with daily oral hygiene efforts, you should turn to your dentist’s office for help in preventing dental troubles. At our Irving, TX dentist’s office,… Read more »

How Checkups Help You Maintain Healthy Gums

When you think about the services provided at regular dental checkups, you may think about the work your dentist does to keep you safe from cavity troubles. In addition to providing preventive care by removing plaque and tartar, your Irving, TX dentist can alert you to decay that can be treated before complications occur. What… Read more »

Helpful Cavity Prevention Tips

What makes it easy for someone to show off a confident smile? One reason why someone might feel great about their teeth has to do with their oral health. Simply put, you can feel better abut your appearance and oral health when you keep yourself safe against cavities. If you are looking for a way… Read more »

Be Consistent With Your Dental Exams

Are you as consistent with brushing and flossing your teeth as you believe you should be? To keep your smile healthy, you should brush at least twice each day, and you should floss once per day to protect the spaces between your teeth. Just as a steady routine benefits you on a daily basis, it… Read more »

Regular Dental Visits Help You Keep Your Smile Tartar-Free

What do your regular dental visits really do to keep your smile safe from problems? Your Irving, TX dentist closely examines your teeth and gums to see if issues need to be addressed. By catching and treating these issues early, we can prevent complications that threaten your smile and well-being. What you should know is… Read more »

Dental Checkups Help You Maintain Healthy Gums

When you visit your dentist for routine care, you undergo a checkup so that you can learn if you have any cavities that need to be treated. This is an important part of preventive dental care, but you should know that cavities are not out only concern during your appointment. Your Irving, TX dentist will… Read more »