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Booking Dental Services Before The Year Ends

There is little time left in 2022, but that does not mean you have no more chances to use your remaining dental benefits and arrange smile care! Taking advantage of these benefits and staying current with oral health appointments can protect you in important ways. These visits provide thorough teeth cleanings that help you avoid… Read more »

How Teeth Cleanings Help With Cavity Prevention

Your role in cavity prevention can be obvious, but it is important to recognize that you are not the only person who should contribute to your efforts at protecting your teeth. The care that you receive during a routine dental exam will help you avoid difficulties with decay and other threats. Regular visits with your… Read more »

Strategies For Long-Term Preventive Dental Care

Are you currently practicing the kind of oral hygiene routine that will help you keep your smile safe from cavities now and in the future? The right commitment to good oral health can have lasting benefits for you. Better care for your teeth and gums can help preserve your appearance, and it can help you… Read more »

Protecting Your Pregnant Smile

Pregnant Irving TX

When you’re expecting, there seem to be health concerns that you learn about each day that you have to be concerned with. You probably never expected that having a child could have anything to do with your oral health. But those who are pregnant are much more likely to experience periodontal disease.  This is the… Read more »

This Top Cause Of Tooth Loss May Surprise You

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When we think about tooth decay and loss, we are trained to instantly think about the way we eat and our daily oral health maintenance. If someone needs an extraction or a root canal, it must be due to their actions. But numerous health concerns can cause major damage to our smiles. And one of… Read more »

How Professional Teeth Cleanings Protect You

How committed are you to good oral hygiene? If you have a consistent smile care routine that you follow, you can limit problems with dental decay and gum disease, which can help you avoid the kinds of issues that require care from your dentist. With that said, you should not depend solely on what you… Read more »

Protecting Your Smile Between Dental Exams

At every routine dental exam with your Irving, TX dentist, you can enjoy important protection for your smile. These regular visits provide important feedback, and they offer in-office services in the form of cleanings to help lower your risk for future problems. While we are happy to help you keep your smile in good condition,… Read more »

Details On Gingivitis Prevention And Management

If your gums are not healthy, your overall smile health is lacking. Unfortunately, the problems that affect your gums can ultimately affect your smile in ways that are surprising and difficult to ignore. Did you know that poor periodontal health can lead to tooth loss? Are you aware that trouble with gum disease can also… Read more »

Are You Sure Your Smile Is Cavity-Free?

When you have no active concerns about your smile’s appearance, and you are not feeling any discomfort, should you simply assume that you have no problems with your oral health? Cavity problems that form can be pain-free initially, but it can still require restorative dental work. To stay informed about your oral health, be consistent… Read more »

Why Your Oral Health Should Be Regularly Reviewed

There are certain measures you can take on a daily basis to protect your smile from harm. These steps are important, as they can help you prevent the kinds of problems that put your smile and health in jeopardy. In addition to these daily appointments, you should take advantage of the services that your Irving,… Read more »