Using A Lifelike Restoration To Address Dental Decay

If you develop a cavity, the condition of your tooth will continue to worsen in the time it takes you to set up the appropriate restorative dental treatment. Having your Irving, TX dentist remove decayed enamel will only be part of the treatment process. A cavity is concerning not just because it will keep growing without treatment, but because the damage that occurs will be permanent. This is why dental fillings and dental crowns have to be placed – without their protection, a tooth would remain in a vulnerable state! Our practice can do more than just make sure that your tooth stays safe. With the materials we use to create restorations, we can provide treatment that preserves your smile as well as your oral health! (more…)

The Link Between Dental Exams And Your Periodontal Health

When you see your dentist for a regular dental checkup, you will certainly expect to have your enamel checked for signs of dental decay. Regular reviews for dental decay are important, as they can lead to the early detection and treatment of problems before they start to cause pain. However, this is not the only reason to schedule a checkup! When you go in for a routine review, your Irving, TX dentist will closely check you for any problems that could affect your teeth and oral structures. As part of that review, your gums will be closely inspected for signs of gingivitis. When an infection is identified, we can make plans to address it before it grows more serious. This is important for stopping complications from poor periodontal health, which can lead to problems like tooth loss! (more…)

We Can Help If You Feel Embarrassed By Teeth Stains

Without realizing it, a person can pick up significant teeth stains over time. Upon looking back at earlier pictures, you can be alarmed to notice just how much the color of your smile has changed through the years. Unfortunately, it is difficult to fully remove all of the foods and drinks that cause stains from your diet, and these stains can persist even as you practice an oral hygiene routine that keeps you safe from cavities. What you should know is that your Irving, TX dentist is ready to help you do something about your dental discoloration. Professional teeth whitening is one of several cosmetic dental services that we provide. You can choose to move forward with an in-office whitening treatment, or we can send you home with a personalized kit that will let you fight stains on your schedule! (more…)

3 Reasons To Keep Enjoying Scheduled Teeth Cleanings

Are you doing enough to clean your teeth every day? Have you been able to keep tartar formation from developing by brushing and flossing thoroughly? Many people who feel confident in their daily smile care routine will still allow some tartar buildup to form in between dental appointments. What makes tartar buildup worrying is that deposits cannot be moved by your toothbrush or floss. Fortunately, the buildup that takes place between visits with your Irving, TX dentist will be removed during your scheduled teeth cleaning. While tartar removal is important, it is just one of several benefits to being consistent with dental exams and cleanings! (more…)

Will Your Tooth Look Different After A Cavity Treatment?

Treatment should happen as soon as possible when you have a cavity. By putting off restorative dental work, you allow that cavity time to keep growing, which means you will lose more of your healthy tooth structure and make it more likely an infection will form before your treatment. One reason people delay treatment is because they worry about what cavity treatment will involve, and how it might affect the way they look. At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, we are ready to restore a tooth affected by decay with a lifelike dental filling or dental crown. Because we use restorations that imitate healthy tooth structure, we can protect your oral health while also ensuring you remain confident in your smile! (more…)

Afraid To Show Off Your Smile? Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help!

Even though their teeth are free of oral health problems, some people feel reluctant to share their smile. Sometimes, their hesitation is related to an issue with dental discoloration. For others, their embarrassment can be traced back to problems with teeth that are misshapen or poorly aligned. If you feel uncomfortable with the way you look for these reasons, or others, know that your Irving, TX dentist can help you! Through the right cosmetic dental procedure, we can take on the different flaws that make people unhappy with their appearance. You can be happy to hear that just one procedure is enough to dramatically improve the way you look even if you currently have several issues you want to address! (more…)

Regular Dental Exams Provide Important Oral Health Updates

What actions should you take if you want to protect your oral health, avoid trouble with cavities, and preserve your attractive smile? The right daily behaviors are important, but so are your routine dental exams! Dental exams should happen on a semiannual basis. Every six months, you should go in to see your dentist to have your smile closely evaluated as well as cleaned. By doing so, you enjoy better protection against cavities and gum disease, have tartar removed from your teeth, and receive important warnings about problems that may have developed. Our Irving, TX dentist’s office is ready to evaluate your smile and help you stay on top of your oral health needs! (more…)

We Can Restore A Problem Tooth With A Same-Day Dental Crown

Our Irving, TX dentist’s office is committed to helping patients protect their teeth from harm. With that said, we are ready to act when a patient experiences an issue with their oral health between routine appointments, or when a new patient arrives and needs restorative dental work done. For injuries and advanced cavities, we can make sure teeth stay safe by providing custom dental crowns made at our office. We rely on CEREC technology to carefully measure teeth, design custom restorations, and produce them on-site so that they can be affixed to a problem tooth. This makes it possible for us to shorten treatment time while still preserving your bite function and appearance! (more…)