Will Cavity Treatment Impact Your Confidence In Your Smile?

If you have a cavity, you need to arrange professional dental treatment to stop it from growing and damaging more of your tooth structure than it has already affected. The frustrating issue with cavities is that they manage to cause permanent harm to your enamel even when they are caught in an early stage. With that said, putting off treatment is a problem because you can lose more of your tooth structure, and because you are more likely to deal with a painful tooth infection. At our Irving, TX dental office, we can take care of an issue that you have with dental decay. Because we provide lifelike fillings and crowns as part of our restorative dental services, we can preserve your smile while effectively resolving problems with your dental health! (more…)

3 Problems Your Dentist Can Identify During Your Dental Exam

Are you really free of oral health problems, or are you just free of symptoms that you can identify on your own? If you are not scheduling dental exams on a regular basis, you can let problems form and worsen, which means that they can require more involved restorative dental work by the time you bring up concerns with your dentist. With regular checkups, you receive early warnings that limit your risk for oral health complications, and you receive helpful teeth cleanings that make it easier to avoid future problems! Our Irving, TX dental office is here to help you take care of your smile by providing important preventive services, and by recommending treatments when necessary to return you to good oral health. (more…)

Can Veneers Give You Confidence In Your Smile?

If you lack confidence in your smile because you have problems with the shape, size, or color of your teeth, or because a few conspicuous flaws attract too much attention for your liking, your Irving, TX dentist can help. We provide several cosmetic dental procedures which can make you happier with the way you look by targeting common flaws. One treatment option is to cap teeth with custom porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are effective for people with varying concerns. These thin, durable shells cover the fronts of teeth in order to hide blemishes, visible damage to enamel, and more! With this one procedure, you can be free of ongoing concerns about the way you look, which means you can start showing off a confident smile! (more…)

Preparing For A Cavity Treatment

If you keep up with good daily brushing and flossing habits, and you also take care of your smile by making smart diet choices, you are less likely to have a cavity discovered during your next routine dental exam. While people often express confidence in their preventive efforts, they can be surprised to hear that decay has become an issue, one that will require restorative dental work. At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, we are prepared to respond to your cavity by protecting your tooth and preserving its appearance. We use materials that can match your healthy tooth structure, and we can take care to minimize changes to your enamel when caring for your smile. (more…)

Teeth Cleanings Help You Preserve A Healthy Smile

While you should brush and floss your teeth every day, you should remember that you are not the only one who can keep your smile clean. Your daily hygiene routine should be supplemented by the care you receive during a routine dental exam and cleaning! Patients are typically told to schedule their checkups on a semiannual basis. During your teeth cleaning, your hygienist will remove any tartar deposits that they discover while they evaluate your teeth. These deposits need to be removed by a professional, as you will not be able to clear them away on your own! Through consistent good habits, you can protect yourself against tooth decay as well as gum disease, which means you will be less likely to need restorative services from your dentist! (more…)

You Can Choose To Whiten Your Teeth At Home Or In Our Office

You know one thing for sure:  You want to do something about the stains that have accumulated on your enamel. However, you may be less sure of what your treatment options are, or how you should arrange cosmetic care. Our Irving, TX dentist’s office makes teeth whitening treatment more accessible to patients by offering two different approaches. We can welcome you for treatment in our office, or we can send you home with a personalized kit that lets you show off a significantly whiter smile thanks to at-home care! Our practice is able to do more than just make your teeth whiter. We can discuss other treatment options if you are interested in cosmetic dental procedures that address issues with the shape, size, or alignment of teeth. (more…)

Can You Really Have A Prosthetic Tooth Permanently Placed?

Tooth loss creates problems for your appearance, bite function, and general oral health. Few dental issues are this noticeable, or create so many concerns around your dental function; fortunately, this is a problem that can be addressed with a permanent prosthetic! At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, we offer more than one approach to prosthetic dentistry. To permanently hold a restoration in place, we can recommend the placement of a dental implant. The implant will be set directly into your jawbone, where it will take up the space that formerly housed your tooth’s roots. When a restoration is set on the implant, it will provide bite support as well as cosmetic benefits. This arrangement can even help you by preserving the health of your jawbone tissues! (more…)

How Tooth Bonding And Contouring Services Improve Smiles

Smile improvements can take less time, and less work, than patients may anticipate. Have you held back from asking about cosmetic dentistry because you worried about the work that might be involved in changing the way that you look? At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, we can recommend services that make significant changes with surprisingly conservative treatment. One procedure we offer is tooth bonding and contouring. By both modifying your tooth structure and applying a resin material to cover flaws, we can make big changes while avoiding the need to create and place any dental restorations. We can provide this service in as little as one visit, making it a convenient as well as conservative approach to cosmetic care! (more…)

We Are Ready To Take On Dental Emergencies!

When a dental emergency occurs, you can find yourself in need of a dental appointment as soon as possible! Fortunately, the search for urgent care can be less frustrating when you know what your dentist is prepared to offer on short notice. At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, we want our patients to know that they have access to emergency services if they need to do something about an injury, or about a worrying tooth pain. Once you arrive, your dentist can examine you and plan your restorative dental treatment. As with routine restorative services, our goal during emergency care is to take care of your oral health as well as your appearance. To make treatment more convenient, we have technology in our office that lets us produce and place lifelike dental crowns in the span of a single appointment! (more…)

Oral Health Goals Worth Setting For 2021

How healthy has your smile been this past year? Did you remain cavity-free and avoid issues with gingivitis, or did you find yourself in the dentist’s chair for restorative dental work? Even if you felt managing your oral health was relatively easy these past twelve months, you could benefit from setting oral health goals for the new year. A better approach to preventive dental care can ensure you go through 2021 without the need for oral health care. Our Irving, TX dentist’s office can help you set goals by offering general guidance, and by pointing out potential concerns in the course of your next routine dental exam. (more…)