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Are you aware of the many benefits associated with professional dental cleanings? From reducing your risk of gum disease, to improving your systemic health, keeping up with dental cleanings is a must! In today’s blog, your Irving, TX, dentist discusses the benefits of maintaining clean teeth and gums.

Reduce Gum Disease

When teeth are well cared for, there are fewer harmful bacteria, irritations caused by tartar, and decayed spaces where food particles and plaque have accumulated. It is vital to effectively brush and floss all surfaces of the teeth. But even with the best hygiene, you could be at risk for gum disease if you aren’t getting professional cleanings. All teeth have pockets around them where plaque and bacteria accumulate, posing a risk for infection. Without a professional removing the debris from the pockets, bleeding and inflammation will eventually lead to bone loss. At your dental cleanings, your hygienist measures the pockets around your teeth checking for deeper areas that may signal gum disease. Then an ultrasonic cleaner can gently disrupt the bacteria and tartar from all surfaces promoting optimal health.

Other Benefits of Professional Cleanings

When your hygienist is cleaning your teeth, they are also evaluating the mouth as a whole. Hygienists are trained to look for possible oral cancer lesions or signs of trauma that could affect your health. Early signs for decay are also being monitored as every surface is carefully scaled. We also evaluate for pre-mature wear, root exposure, fractures, or other dental issues that can result in painful conditions. Towards the end of your visit, your teeth will be carefully and selectively polished. This removes surface stain and creates a surface less likely to collect plaque. Fluoride is often recommended after cleanings to prevent dental decay. Since bacteria hiding in plaque and tartar cause bad breath, a professional prophylaxis can often alleviate that issue.

Many systemic issues are inflammatory conditions that are exacerbated by periodontal disease. By maintaining optimal oral health, you can reduce your likely hood of worsening or developing other health issues.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Your dentist and hygienist can see so much more of your mouth than you can. They are experts at understanding techniques and products that can greatly benefit your oral health. We love taking the time to show you how to optimize your smile through nutritional counseling, reviewing hygiene techniques, and discussing any medical conditions that could be impacting your dental well-being.

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