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When you lose teeth, this could mean gaps in your smile and eventually, weakened jawbone structure. To restore what has been lost and leave your smile ready for dental implant placement, we could offer bone grafting. In today’s blog, your Irving, TX, dentist talks about the grafting procedure and how we proceed with implant placement.

The Loss of Mass and Density

How does the strength and density of your smile break down? When we lose teeth, this body will respond by suspending the flow of calcium and phosphates to the area around the missing root. Without these regular doses of nutrients, the bone tissue breaks down, losing mass and density. This could mean further otoh loss and for some, a prematurely aged appearance. This also limits the ability to replace your missing teeth, as you may not have enough jawbone structure to support dental implants. However, we can use grafting and sinus lifts to help rebuild the weakened structure and prepare your smile for a long-lasting and lifelike tooth replacement.

The Bone Grafting Procedure

With bone grafting, also known as ridge augmentation, we will add new structure to the weakened areas to rebuild what is lost. This could include bone tissue taken from the back of your jaw or your hip, or from synthetic or donor sources. These tissues will bond with the jaw. You can then support new teeth. This is for the lower jaw, the upper portion will need a different procedure known as a sinus lift. With this option, we essentially raise the sinus floor to cover new structures that can support the placement of dental implants, addressing the gaps in your smile. We plan these procedures with detail using digital x-rays and intraoral cameras, and our use of anesthesia and sedation ensures this is a comfortable experience for our patients.

Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants are then inserted into the nearly restored areas of the jaw. The body accepts these posts as natural roots, which stimulates the growth of jawbone tissue and strengthens your smile. We then add abutments to the posts to support a crown for an individual one, or a denture for those with multiple missing teeth. You now have a tooth replacement that can act and look like natural teeth.

If you have any questions about rebuilding your smile with bone grafting and sinus lifts, or about addressing tooth loss with dental implants, then contact our team today.

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