irving suresmile clear aligners

When you have poor alignment, you may wish for a straighter smile but feel hesitant about braces. However, our team can provide a cosmetic alternative to traditional braces. With SureSmile® aligners, our team can provide a nearly invisible option. In today’s blog, your Irving, TX, dentist talks about our cosmetic orthodontics.

Creating Your Custom Orthodontics

First, we need to see if this is the right option for your smile, and we’ll do that by assessing the cause and extent of your dental misalignment. Instead of braces, this option will use a series of aligners made from a clear plastic material. Each one is custom-made for your smile to ensure treatment with precision, and a comfortable fit. To begin, our team will gather a series of detailed digital images of your smile from multiple angles. We then combine the images to create a 3D impression of your smile. In a special lab, experts will use the images to design them.

Treating Your Poor Alignment

When your SureSmile aligners are ready, you will start treatment by wearing a set for about 20 to 22 hours a day, over a period of about two weeks. The exact time will depend on our recommendations and the extent of your misalignment. You then begin wearing the next set in the series, continuing the process as your smile is gradually and gently repositioned with these aligners. The total treatment time will vary based on your misalignment, but optimal results could be possible after a year for many patients.

Benefits in Your Daily Life

Obviously, one major benefit of SureSmile is the fact that the orthodontics are clear and barely noticeable. They’re also easy to clean and use, and fit comfortably as well. You can take them out before you eat so you don’t have to avoid certain foods. In addition, being removable also makes brushing and flossing your teeth much simpler too. The procedure requires fewer office visits than if you were wearing braces, and the treatment time is much shorter too.

If you have any questions about our SureSmile clear aligners, or if you would like to see if they’re right for you, then you should contact our team today to learn more. We would love to use clear aligners to help you enjoy better oral health and a smile that makes you feel confident when going on a job interview, meeting someone new, or posing for a picture.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Invisible Orthodontics

Our team is ready to help you enjoy an even smile. To find out how our team corrects uneven smiles with a cosmetic approach, then please reach out to Defining Smiles in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.