As the years pass, the gradual buildup of stains from what you eat and drink can make your teeth look unattractive and dull. Fixing the problem on your own can prove tricky, as there are limited benefits to what over the counter whitening agents can do for you. Fortunately, those store bought solutions are not all that you have available to you, as our Irving, TX dental office can recommend a professional teeth whitening treatment. In addition to providing personalized whitening kits that patients use at home, we offer in-office care so that we can oversee your treatment. With this option, you can leave our practice with a remarkably brighter and more attractive smile after just one appointment!

Are You Dissatisfied With The Color Of Your Smile?

The gradual changes in your smile color can cause increasing worry about your overall appearance. After all, stains can make you appear older than you are, suggest that your teeth are not healthy, and take away your comfort with showcasing your smile. The longer this problem remains untreated, the more noticeable it can become. Even with diet changes that lower your exposure to staining agents, you can still feel stuck with enamel that appears unflattering. Letting your dentist know about your concerns, and your interest in treating the matter, can lead to positive care through professional cosmetic dental work.

Planning Dental Work That Focuses On Cosmetic Improvements

With a teeth whitening treatment performed at our practice, you can make meaningful changes to the color of your teeth in just one appointment. During that visit, we oversee the careful application of materials capable of taking on stains that have reached layers of your enamel that make them hard to address with over the counter materials. Through the application and subsequent stimulation of this material, we can leave you with a smile that is brighter than before you came in by many shades!

There are other treatment options available to you that can take on flaws with your appearance. You do have the option of taking home a teeth whitening treatment. Doing so lets you exercise more control over this process while still producing exciting results. Patients who are found to have problems with intrinsic discoloration can learn about the effects of other cosmetic services to correct this issue.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Making Your Teeth Whiter!

The gradual buildup of stains on your teeth can undermine your overall confidence in ways that are hard to accept. Fortunately, the issue is one that can be treated effectively when you have access to the right care. To find out how we can help you take on discoloration and show off a lovelier smile, please reach out to Defining Smiles in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.