While dental decay is a threat people should continue to take seriously, you should remember that cavities are not the only threat that our smiles face. As strong a material as it is, enamel can be damaged by physical trauma. Something as simple as an awkward bite can leave you with enamel that is chipped, cracked, or broken. At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, we are prepared to deal with this problem. We can do this by providing a custom dental crown that restores how you look and also provides a degree of protection that lets you safely bite and chew. We can also look at more conservative options for care when appropriate, which means more of your tooth structure is ultimately preserved during care.

The Importance Of Properly Treating A Tooth That Is Chipped Or Cracked

Any time you have an issue with dental trauma, you should take the matter seriously, as an overlooked problem can turn into a more complex one in time. This is because a tooth that seems “okay” with only minor chipping or cracking can be weakened by this harm. That can mean experiencing more significant damage at a later date that affects its appearance and health. It is also possible for you to develop an infection, which means you are vulnerable to the condition of your tooth worsening to the point that a root canal procedure must be performed.

Placing A Custom Dental Crown

By capping a damaged tooth with a custom dental crown, we can resolve concerns about further harm or the onset of an infection. This restoration is one that actually supports a tooth by fully surrounding it above your gumline. Its placement effectively stops further damage, and it also ensures that you will not have to worry about a change in your bite health. Yours will be carefully designed so that it provides the appropriate smile preservation as well as a secure fit. We actually have the technology that we need to produce yours at our office, which means it can be prepared and placed in just one appointment!

Minor Injuries Can Be Treated With More Conservative Cosmetic Services

There are times when dental injuries, when promptly treated, can be addressed conservatively. Based on our review of your chipped or cracked tooth, we can determine if a more conservative cosmetic dental procedure is appropriate. If so, we can preserve more of your healthy tooth structure while still making sure that you have the functional and esthetic support required to move on from your injury.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Treating A Dental Injury With A Crown

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