Is it really possible for your dentist to notice that you have a cavity before you realize yourself that something is wrong? As surprising as this may sound, there is a period after a cavity’s formation where the damage is not yet serious enough to cause you discomfort. However, the problem will still require treatment from a professional, as the damage will already be serious enough to permanently affect your enamel. The good news is that when your Irving, TX dentist recognizes the problem during a routine dental exam, they can move forward with care to resolve it before there are complications that you can feel. Remember that a delay in care for decay will result in potential complications that demand more complex restorative dental work.

A Cavity Will Keep Growing Until You Undergo Treatment

Even if it is not yet large enough to make you uncomfortable, a cavity that has already formed will demand restorative dental work. The longer it takes you to become aware that you need to do something about it, the more likely you are to suffer complications, which means that you ultimately require more than just the removal of a small area of decay and the placement of a filling. You can make sure a problem is found before it requires this by seeing your dentist for regular dental exams.

Your Dentist Can Identify A Cavity Before You Experience Discomfort

During your regular dental visits, you undergo a thorough teeth cleaning as well as a review of your oral health. That review can warn you about different threats. For example, you may show worrying signs of enamel wear and tear, or you could have symptoms of gingivitis. Another concern is that you will have decay that requires treatment. If so, we can proceed to address the problem and place a dental filling so that the structure is protected. A dental filling can help you maintain your bite, and it can also match your enamel to preserve your dental function.

Your Treatment Can Preserve Your Smile

Remember that regular dental checkups are not just about timely warnings, as they can also lead to the prevention of future threats. Because your teeth are cleaned every time you come in, they have their risk for future cavities and gum disease lessened.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Booking A Routine Dental Visit

When you book consistent dental appointments, you receive timely care that includes warnings that let you know that you need restorative work done. Timely support can ultimately protect more of your tooth structure, and it can help you avoid complications that change how your care proceeds. If you would like to find out more, please reach out to Defining Smiles in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.