How long has it been since you last received feedback about your oral health? The typical recommendation is for a patient to book preventive visits on a semiannual basis. In other words, plan to schedule a dental checkup and cleaning every six months unless your dentist tells you to do something different. Consistent appointments at our Irving, TX dental office can help you stay on top of your dental needs. This is because we can provide timely warnings about the onset of problems like cavities and gum disease, but it is also because visits include thorough teeth cleanings that remove harmful plaque and tartar.

Has It Been Too Long Since You Last Booked A Dental Visit?

When you are consistent about scheduling your routine dental checkups, you can enjoy the kind of feedback that lowers your risk for serious smile threats. This is because we can actually identify and treat problems like dental decay before they cause complications that become uncomfortable. Regular visits also help because they give you access to cleanings that will remove concentrations of plaque and tartar. If you go more than six months without one of these appointments, you extend your risk for problems that can occur, and you make the onset of new threats more likely!

What You Can Look Forward To At Your Next Exam

During your next exam, you can look forward to a review that reveals any worrying signs of decay as well as symptoms of gingivitis. In addition to looking for these common issues, we can do visual reviews for any of the worrying early signs of oral cancer. Reviews are important, but they are not the only way in which we protect our patients. Every visit also includes a thorough dental cleaning. Your hygienist will work to remove the bacteria present on teeth by clearing out plaque and tartar. The accumulation of tartar is particularly concerning, as these deposits cannot be removed with brushing alone.

How We Respond To Problems Identified During Routine Appointments

Through your routine dental visits, we determine if you need more than just preventive care. Problems with cavities that are found during a review will lead to restorative dental work. Smaller cavities are treated with fillings; after infected areas are removed, the space is protected with the application of a composite resin substance that imitates healthy enamel. For a larger cavity that remained untreated, it can take the placement of a crown to provide enough support, which means more of the tooth structure is lost.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Booking Your Next Exam!

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