Worrying about your dental health is important. If you ignore your smile’s needs and go without regular dental visits, you can experience complications from cavities that form and become more advanced over time. What this means is you can end up with a problem that is severe enough to require a root canal, and possibly one that has already done so much harm you need your tooth extracted! The good news is that keeping up with regular dental exams can minimize your risk for complications. At our Irving, TX dental practice, we can see to it that you have the support that you need to fully address decay when it is identified. Even advanced care is required, we can work with you to provide that support while minimizing changes to your tooth structure and doing work that preserves your smile.

A Cavity Is Not Something To Take Lightly

The onset of a cavity means that you will need restorative dental work. The longer it takes to arrange that work, the more likely you are to have problems like infection, which means you can end up experiencing discomfort and heightened concerns over tooth loss. Even if the problem is identified promptly after it develops, you will experience permanent harm to the enamel. The good news is that your treatment can fully respond to your needs and see to it that your results preserve your health as well as your smile.

Treating Dental Decay With Lifelike Restorations

Both dental fillings and dental crowns provided at our practice are capable of protecting vulnerable teeth while still preserving how you look. A filling will be the first choice for care, as it requires less preparatory work and preserves more of your enamel. We make treatments with crowns easier for our patients because we have the technology to produce them on-site. Your custom restoration will be secured over the tooth so that it can offer bite support along with coverage that lets you maintain your smile.

What You Should Know About Advanced Cavity Treatment

There are times when more advanced services, such as root canal therapy or even tooth extraction, have to take place as part of cavity care. Advanced services are only recommended when there is no other way to respond to the problem. You can lower your risk for these services with regular dental exams that can point out threats earlier in their development. For patients who come to us with problems that are significant, we can work to minimize discomfort and make sure that their needs are completely met. That can include plans for prosthetic work that replace lost teeth without altering your smile.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Cavity Care!

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