The impact of your daily behaviors on your smile can be more significant than you realize. Something as simple as flossing each day can make the difference between good oral health and the onset of problems like dental decay and gum disease. For patients who are not keeping up with this practice, bacteria and food particles that become trapped between teeth can turn into bigger threats as plaque and eventually tartar form. You can receive important feedback as well as additional preventive care when you keep up with dental exams at our Irving, TX dental office. We also provide dental cleanings during these visits that help you fight plaque and tartar buildup. We can provide care as well as guidance to help you modify your daily routine and better defend yourself against oral health threats!

Are You Doing Enough To Protect Your Smile Each Day?

You should arrange regular dental exams every six months. A semiannual checkup schedule will help you avoid complications when issues like dental decay or gum disease arise. This schedule will also help you prevent these problems, as we do offer in-office cleanings that fight the buildup of bacteria that occurs over time. With that said, you should also follow a better routine at home if you want to prevent trouble from arising. This is because we face persistent threats from both harmful microbes in our mouths and the accumulated food particles left behind from meals and snacks. One important practice is flossing, as it protects areas that are difficult to reach through brushing alone.

Practice Good Flossing Habits To Lower Your Risk For Oral Health Difficulties

If you want to protect your smile’s vulnerable areas between teeth, floss every evening. When you do so, remember to move the string in a vertical motion so that all of the microbes and food particles are removed. Bringing it down to your gums will help you defend yourself against gingivitis, a problem that can lead to a more serious threat from gum disease. This practice, along with consistent brushing twice a day and smart dieting, makes it less likely you will need any additional work at future oral health exams!

Your Irving, TX Dentist Can Help You Maintain A Healthy And Confident Smile!

With the right behaviors practiced on a daily basis, you can lower your risk for troubles with cavities and gum disease. A practice of flossing on a daily basis will certainly be beneficial, but it is not all that you should do if you want to protect yourself. Keep up with good oral hygiene efforts each day, and make sure you also take advantage of the support provided at regular dental exams. To book your next dental exam or discuss matters of your oral health, reach out to our Irving, TX dental office today by calling 972-717-0860.