Are you currently practicing the kind of oral hygiene routine that will help you keep your smile safe from cavities now and in the future? The right commitment to good oral health can have lasting benefits for you. Better care for your teeth and gums can help preserve your appearance, and it can help you avoid issues that can impact your smile as well as your oral and general health. If you feel uncertain about how effective your routine is, or if you have recently had issues with gingivitis or dental decay, our Irving, TX dental practice can help. We can provide guidance on at-home care that will help you avoid new difficulties that require restorative dentistry. We can also provide in-office services that  give you important feedback about your well-being, as well as care to fight the buildup of plaque and tartar.

Are You Currently Doing Enough To Maintain A Healthy Smile?

Protecting your teeth effectively will always benefit you. With that said, it can be especially smart to think about what you are doing for your smile during the end of the year, as holiday travel and festive treats can lead to more oral health risks. A good daily routine will help you fight the buildup of food debris and the accumulation of oral bacteria that can create trouble. You should brush and floss in order to fully clean spaces where debris can gather and become a source of concern. You should also take care to protect yourself with your diet choices, and with regular appointments for general dental exams and cleanings.

Protecting Your Smile On A Daily Basis

You protect your smile every day when you maintain good brushing and flossing habits. By brushing thoroughly two times a day, you can fight the accumulation of unwelcome microbes as well as particles from meals and snacks that unhealthy bacteria can feed on. Remember that you also need to floss to fully tend to spaces where these particles can gather. Removing bacteria and food from between your teeth will lower your risk for gum disease and tooth decay, too. Remember to take at least two minutes when brushing to reach every part of your smile, and move your floss string vertically so that you completely clean between these spaces.

Keeping Up With Professional Preventive Services

Professional preventive dental visits provide you with thorough cleanings and reviews that let you know if you might require restorative dental work. When problems are identified in time, they can be treated more conservatively. In the case of gingivitis, this means stopping an infection from growing more serious. When it comes to cavity treatment, early detection can mean the difference between receiving a dental filling and a larger partial or full crown.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Maintaining Your Dental Health

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