Pregnant Irving TXWhen you’re expecting, there seem to be health concerns that you learn about each day that you have to be concerned with. You probably never expected that having a child could have anything to do with your oral health. But those who are pregnant are much more likely to experience periodontal disease. 

This is the infection of your gum tissue, and it can cause many serious health concerns. This causes gum recession, where this biological material pulls back from the tooth. A pocket develops at this location, and it becomes a prime area for bacterial growth. As we know from the development of cavities, they create highly acidic waste, leading to decay. And when that infection reaches the interior fleshy portion of the tooth, it can result in a root canal surgery or even an extraction procedure. Today, your Irving, TX dentist explains how your risk of periodontal disease increases significantly when you’re expecting. And how best to prevent any possible damage to your smile!

Many Biological Changes

Your body undergoes a significant series of shifts whenever you are developing a new life within you. These begin nearly immediately after conception, and they spread all throughout the body. Of course, the areas of your reproductive system are radically altered in their activity. But this affects much more than just that system. Our pelvic bones actually begin to separate to better allow for a natural birth.

And while that is an amazing biological process, it leaves some of the rest of our body a little weaker. Our bodies are so focused on the importance of this new life that our oral health falls to the backburner a little. So it is vital to your health to take particular care of your smile during this time.

Periodontal Risks

The primary vulnerability to your smile is through the elevated risk of gum disease. This is a very serious condition that goes beyond the cosmetic elements of your smile. This tissue creates a secure barrier between the outside world and the important structures underneath your visible tooth. When it recedes, your defenseless pulp and root are exposed to dangerous bacterial activity.

This starts as gingivitis, which is the initial step in this infection. If you begin to notice redness and swelling at any location on your gums, be sure to mention it to your trained oral health professional. And your smile is sturdy enough to withstand a vigorous brushing, there should not be blood present.

Your dentist will want to see you for an appointment during your pregnancy, and don’t skip out on this! It can be incredibly important to the future of your smile.

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