Guitar Irving TXIf you are facing a tooth extraction, or if you have already lost one (or a group), you might be looking forward to having a suitably sturdy and functional prosthetic. Not only that, but a beautiful new prosthetic can look great, but you need to decide on which path to take in your recovery. Well, there are a few different methods that can be fantastic ways to fill in your smile with a natural-appearing replacement.

Much of the decision can be made based on the location and the severity of your damage. Certain solutions work best in specific locations. So while you might have a concept of how your replacement should go, that approach may not be the proper fit for you. Today, your Irving, TX dentist explains some of the more common ways that teeth can be replaced!

Sharing The Load

For patients who are missing a single tooth that creates a gap, then a dental bridge may be a fantastic option for you. This is a prosthetic that hangs supported between two crowns. These crowns are placed on what are known as abutment teeth, the healthy structures on either side of the gap.

If there are concerns about your oral strength, your dentist may avoid this approach. Placing more work onto struggling smiles can lead to further damage. Bridges also can lead to bone loss at the extraction site, as the immune system begins to reabsorb the matter after the loss of biological matter.

Partial Dentures

For larger, or more extensive damage, then a partial denture may be the best solution for you. These can be cafted to fit any possible situation, and can also help you maintain as much of your natural biological material as possible. If you have any questions about the broader strength of your mouth, this may be a better fit for you than a bridge.

These custom orthodontic pieces fit directly where you are missing teeth. They may fit through adhesive or hidden clasps or enclosures. Partial dentures also allow for the connection to be to the jaw, helping to protect your remaining dental structure from more damage.

The Future Of Dentistry

Dental implant technology is a truly amazing thing. This concept starts with the process of osseointegration, where a titanium post is placed within the jawbone. Incredibly, our body does not see this metal as a foreign object. Instead, it heals into our bone structure and our immune system starts to protect it as our own body.

These reliable prosthetics are designed to last you the rest of your life with routine maintenance. This solution can also fit anything from a single replacement to a full new set of implant-supported dentures!

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