At every routine dental exam with your Irving, TX dentist, you can enjoy important protection for your smile. These regular visits provide important feedback, and they offer in-office services in the form of cleanings to help lower your risk for future problems. While we are happy to help you keep your smile in good condition, remember that these appointments are not the only way you can protect your teeth! You should also have a good oral hygiene regimen in place that you follow on a daily basis. Even minor lapses in care can raise your risk for problems with tartar buildup, gingivitis, and dental decay.

The Importance Of Daily Oral Hygiene Efforts

You should bear in mind that your smile is under a daily threat from oral bacteria. Microbes will continue to build up, and they will continue to feed on the sugars found in food particles that are left on your teeth. A good oral hygiene routine will give you consistent protection against the buildup of these microbes and food particles. If you fall out of a consistent regimen, plaque buildup can form, harden to tartar, and pose an increased threat. Remember that brushing and flossing, as important as they are, should not be thought of as your only line of defense. To provide more protection for yourself, take care to stay hydrated and lower your intake of sugar.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Smile Each Day?

If you want to protect your smile on a daily basis, think critically about your diet, and take care to protect yourself with good brushing and flossing habits. Dieting smartly means more than just cutting sugar—remember that by staying hydrated, your body has an easier time producing saliva, which helps with your natural defense against cavities and oral bacteria. To make sure your hygiene routine is also effective, take care to brush at least twice a day, and remember to floss every evening to remove harmful debris from between your teeth. Be thorough in both practices to avoid letting harder to reach areas remain vulnerable to problems.

Maintaining A Consistent Schedule Of Dental Exams

A consistent schedule of dental exams will help you keep up with your oral health and avoid complications from any problems that form. Early detection and treatment can help limit your risks for complications. Each time you see us, we can perform a careful inspection for cavities and gum disease we can treat before they become more advanced and require more involved support.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About How You Can Keep Your Smile Protected

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