If a cavity is not cared for in time, it can end up causing serious harm to your tooth. One concern is that bacteria will eventually gain access to the living tissues within the structure, which causes discomfort and puts you at heightened risk for oral health problems. To address this infection, your Irving, TX dentist can offer treatment in the form of root canal therapy! Through this procedure, harmful bacteria and unhealthy tissues are removed through careful in-office treatment, followed by the sealing of your pulp and the placement of a dental crown. Remember that when you keep up with good dental hygiene and regular oral health checkups, you reduce your risk for the kinds of cavities that require more advanced restorative services.

Cavities Will Keep Growing Until They Are Treated

Cavities keep growing after they form, which means the longer it takes you to book an appointment, the more likely it is that you will have complications that need to be addressed. Through regular dental visits, you have access to timely warnings about dental decay that can lead to care before you need to worry about the problem worsening to the point of causing an infection. In the event that an issue with your smile is not caught in time, our practice is prepared to help—by providing root canal therapy, we can remove infected tissues and bacteria in order to stop further problems with your tooth and prevent new complications.

Using Root Canal Therapy To Address Problems Within The Tooth Structure

A root canal will see your dentist carefully access the pulp—the tooth’s inner chamber where living tissues are contained—in order to address an infection. After dealing with bacteria and unhealthy tissues, the pulp can be sealed, and you can receive a custom dental crown for support. The good news is that a crown can offer the functional support you need to maintain your natural bite, and it can be made to imitate your enamel if you are concerned about how it might affect the way you look.

What Can You Do To Avoid Future Root Canal Procedures?

Consistent daily care will help you fight the accumulation of bacteria and food debris that can lead to dental decay and the need for restorative treatment. Keeping up with good smile care habits and limiting your intake of sugar will be important, but it is also important that you take advantage of regular checkups and cleanings. At these appointments, we can provide warnings about oral health problems that ensure problems you do have are dealt with in time to prevent complications.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Root Canal Treatment!

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