If you need to do something about a cavity or an injured tooth, you can be understandably hopeful that treatment will be as conservative as possible. By limiting the overall work that we have to do, our Irving, TX dentist’s office can help you preserve more of your enamel. Because we offer care with partial crowns in addition to full crowns, we are able to take on different threats with the appropriate support while still offering more protection that fillings are meant to provide. We can provide support with both inlays and onlays, which rely on partial coverage to make sure larger cavities and injuries are managed properly.

A Partial Crown Can Help You By Preserving More Of Your Healthy Enamel

Your dental restoration will need to both keep your tooth safe from further harm and give it enough structural support to preserve your bite function. This is why we do not provide treatments with dental filings in every case. There are times when this approach will simply not offer the kind of long-term support that you require. However, this does not mean everyone who does not qualify for care with a filling needs a full crown to surround their tooth. We can instead rely on an inlay or onlay to provide the support that you require. Both are able to address more significant problems while still leaving much of your enamel unchanged. While an inlay will cover space between the cusps of a tooth, an onlay can extend over a cusp and provide protection for the structure below it.

Receiving A Partial Dental Crown

Just as a review can determine if you need a filling or crown, a study of how badly hurt your tooth is and where problems lie will help us determine if an inlay or onlay is appropriate. The restoration that you receive will still provide cosmetic as well as functional support. This is because we can depend on lifelike materials to make these partial crowns.

Other Restorative Treatment Options That Are Available To You

Dental fillings, partial crowns, and full crowns all provide different degrees of protection. Because we have this flexibility in how we address problems, it can be easier for us to offer personalized care that you feel at ease with undergoing.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Receiving A Partial Dental Crown

Unlike full dental crowns, partial crowns manage to provide long-term protection without requiring full coverage of a tooth’s structure above the gumline. When you qualify for this kind of care, our practice can see to it that you have long-term support after a problem arises while still providing the most conservative approach to care that we can reliably recommend. If you would like to find out more about this or any other form of care that we offer, please reach out to Defining Smiles in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.