Are you counting on your daily oral hygiene routine to fully protect you against threats like dental decay and gum disease? You should be confident that your daily behaviors are keeping you safe from oral health problems. With that said, you should not forget about the role that professional dental care plays in helping to preserve your smile! Our Irving, TX dental practice can routinely evaluate your teeth and gums and provide professional cleanings to keep you safe from dental health threats. When in the office, we can update you about the effectiveness of your care at home, and if necessary point out issues that may have made it more difficult for you to preserve your smile.

Are You Really Doing Enough To Keep Your Smile Healthy?

You should commit to a routine of brushing and flossing your teeth that effectively fights the buildup of plaque and food debris. In doing so, you manage risks to your smile, such as the formation of cavities or the onset of gum disease, that can hurt your appearance and well-being. While important on its own, daily hygiene should not be your only line of defense against these difficulties. You should also rely on your dentist’s services to keep you safe, as well as depending on regular reviews to warn you when problems need to be treated.

Caring For Your Smile Between Dental Visits

Every day, you should brush and floss thoroughly, and you should be mindful of how your diet is affecting your cavity risk. Brushing should take place at least two times, and you should give yourself at least two minutes to make sure even those tough to reach spaces are receiving attention. Flossing thoroughly is also important; if you do not move the string up and down to the base of teeth, you can miss bacteria and food remnants. Doing this, limiting your sugar intake, and staying hydrated all contribute to your risk for problems that can require restorative dental work.

Professional Teeth Cleanings And Your Oral Health

How can you be sure that you are doing enough to protect your smile? Each regular dental exam will provide you with valuable feedback regarding the state of your oral health. You may not realize it, but you could already have a problem with decay that will require treatment. If so, we can let you know that you need a dental filling, and we can provide care before there are complications. We can also provide thorough professional cleanings. This service will remove plaque and tartar that you may have missed, and it will help you learn about areas of your smile that are not receiving enough support.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Scheduling A Professional Teeth Cleaning

Professional and daily dental cleanings work together to keep your smile safe from harm! To schedule your next routine appointment, please reach out to Defining Smiles in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.