Are you currently comfortable with the color of your teeth? When you take care of your smile, you can fight the accumulation of particles left from foods and drinks that can dull your enamel. Unfortunately, many different products we enjoy on a regular basis can leave these particles behind, and they can steadily accumulate as the years pass. The longer this goes on, the more likely you are to lose confidence in the way you look. Our Irving, TX dentist’s office can help you fight discoloration with advanced whitening agents so that this is no longer an issue for you. We can also provide solutions if you have discoloration from internal issues and not external stains.

Are You Dissatisfied With Your Smile?

The gradual change in your smile color from external stains can lead to a loss of confidence in the way you look. Even if you keep up with a smile care routine that protects you against cavities and gum disease, particles from different foods and drinks can continue to accumulate over time. As this happens, you can find yourself frustrated, as a store bought whitening treatment can fail to address the problem to your liking. What you can do is take on the problem with a professional teeth whitening treatment! Because we provide you with access to more potent bleaching agents, we can help when stains are more stubborn.

Using Professional Teeth Whitening Agents To Improve How You Look

You can choose to either take home your own customized teeth whitening kit, which includes trays that are made just for you, or you can plan a single-visit office treatment so that your dentist can fight your stains. Your take-home kit can make your smile care more convenient by letting you handle matters yourself. We provide both advanced whitening agents and personalized trays that are used to apply these materials directly to the surfaces of teeth. As you go through the daily applications, you can see your smile grow brighter and more attractive. Because we also provide the option for treatment in our office, we can help you fight enamel stains in less time, which means your results can be ready to show off before a significant upcoming event.

Discussing Other Approaches To Treating Dental Discoloration

There are patients who need to do something about discoloration caused by internal factors instead of external stains. Intrinsic discoloration can be a frustrating problem, but there are effective solutions. We can use porcelain veneers as well as tooth bonding treatment to hide blemishes that hurt your appearance. When discoloration is significant, we can even recommend that you tend to the problem with custom dental crowns!

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment!

By looking into cosmetic dentistry, you can learn about different treatment options that will give you a brighter, more confident smile! To learn what we can do for you, please reach out to Defining Smiles in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.