Cavities are certainly a risk to your smile, but decay is not the only threat to your enamel. Even though they are strong enough to hold up through years of biting and chewing, enamel can be physically harmed. A crack in a tooth, even one that seems minor, could put you in jeopardy of several issues. In addition to making you vulnerable to an infection, the damage can worsen, leading to the permanent loss of more of the overall tooth structure. Your Irving, TX dentist’s office is here to support you in a situation where you need protection; with the right dental crown, we can keep a tooth safe and also preserve the way it looks!

We Can Restore The Health And Appearance Of An Injured Tooth

Through the appropriate restorative dental work, we can protect your tooth without altering your smile. This kind of protection is needed because physical trauma, like dental decay, can cause irreversible harm to your enamel. Without a procedure to address a crack, a chip, or any other kind of harm, you can be left with a tooth in a weakened state, and you can be more vulnerable to an infection than you realize. For long-term bite support as well as protection, we can place a dental crown over a vulnerable tooth so that it remains in good condition.

Planning The Placement Of A Full Or Partial Dental Crown

Dental crowns surround teeth above the gum line, providing a kind of coverage that allows them to offer protection and deliver bite support. This kind of coverage calls for treatment with a custom restoration, one that can stay secure and not interfere with neighboring teeth. To make sure yours is the right shape and size, we will take thorough measurements of your tooth as part of planning before we modify it to receive your restoration. Because we have CEREC technology at our office, we can provide the results that you need in as little as one appointment. To minimize the changes to your tooth structure, we can determine if a partial crown can be used for your care. If so, we can minimize the overall changes to your enamel while still delivering lasting support!

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Restoring A Cracked Tooth

Although our teeth are protected by remarkably strong outer layers of enamel, they can be hurt. If you have a chip, crack, or other form of damage that affects a tooth, let us know! Defining Smiles can make sure that the matter is taken care of, and we can also see to it that the procedure also prioritizes maintaining your appearance. For more information or to set up an appointment, please reach out to Defining Smiles in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.