Are you consistent about scheduling and attending regular dental exams? When you are not keeping up with these appointments, you become more likely to experience difficulties with your smile that can require more involved care. Our Irving, TX dentist’s office is here to support you in your efforts to maintain a healthy and confident smile. Every time you come in for a routine evaluation, we can carefully study your teeth, gums, and oral structures to determine if there is additional work that is needed. We also provide detailed cleanings that make you less likely to have new problems in the future.

How Can You Be Sure Your Smile Is Free From Problems?

The absence of obvious signs of trouble should not make you think that you have nothing to gain from a dental exam. You may not realize when a cavity first forms, but once it does, restorative dental work will have to take place to address it. Other concerns, such as gum disease, can also escape your notice. Your regular dental exams ensure that you have good information regarding the state of your smile so that you do not have to worry over potential problems that you are overlooking. Remember that we can identify the warning signs of potentially serious threats, including oral cancer, which can be more manageable when caught in time.

Scheduling Your Routine Oral Health Services

Unless your dentist sees a reason for you to do something else, you should plan on coming in for routine services every six months. These appointments protect you through detailed reviews, which can include more involved studies with x-rays and other imaging technology. Through these close studies, we can find out if you have any problems that require our attention. You will also have your teeth cleaned, which removes threats from plaque and tartar that contain harmful microbes.

Addressing Problems That Are Identified During A Checkup

Any time a problem is present during a review, we will both inform the patient of it and let them know what we are prepared to do to help. Restorative services that are arranged in response to problems spotted early can be less involved, which means they can be less involved and preserve more of your tooth structure.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Scheduling Your Next Dental Exam!

Through consistent dental exams and good oral hygiene habits, you can protect yourself against potential oral health threats. Exams play an important role in preventing issues with your well-being. In addition to providing cleanings that lower your risk for new issues, our practice can alert you to trouble when it is present, and we can move forward with the appropriate restorative services. If you would like to find out more, please reach out to Defining Smiles in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.