Why is your tooth feeling sore or sensitive? It could be a symptom of a serious cavity, or of lingering problems with a physical injury. At our Irving, TX dental practice, we can provide the appropriate support through our restorative dental services. In fact, we can even step in and provide care when you need treatment on short notice! In these situations, we can both tend to an active problem with your well-being and ensure that you have the right support for your tooth. Remember that your risk for future problems is lowered at times when you keep up with your dental exams and cleanings.

We Can Help You Take On Concerns About Your Oral Health

The threat to your oral health when you have a cavity or injury should not be dismissed, because an active problem can worsen gradually if you do not seek care in time. Depending on what needs you have, we can determine if you need either a dental filling or a dental crown after addressing decay. Remember that problems with your oral health can be caught and treated during a dental exam; in fact, your regular visits can even lead to timely support for problems that have not yet caused discomfort.

How A Tooth Stays Protected After Treatment

After tending to a tooth injury or cavity, it will be necessary to keep your tooth safe by restoring it with a dental filling or dental crown. Fillings are effective for protecting teeth impacted by decay. Because they only cover a limited portion of your tooth structure, the restoration can make lasting care possible while only making minimal changes to your enamel. A dental crown can provide support when you need more of it than a filling offers. Your crown will completely surround your tooth above your gum line in order to provide the stability needed to keep it healthy and ensure it can still bite and chew without difficulty. Your restoration can even be made to match your healthy enamel so that your smile is not changed!

Keeping Up With Smile Care During Regular Checkups

Cavity prevention depends on daily hygiene as well as oral health appointments. At checkups, you may learn that you have a problem even though it is not yet causing pain for you. The benefit to this timely support is that the matter can be addressed while there is only limited harm to your enamel, making your experience with treatment easier.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Your Toothache!

Through the right restorative dental work, our practice can put a problem with your toothache behind you! If you would like to find out more, please reach out to Defining Smiles in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.