Is it time for you to do something about the teeth stains that hurt your smile? For many people, it can be frustrating to see how these stains affect how they look, and more frustrating to see how they remain after using a store bought whitening treatment. If you want to see the kind of results that truly impress you, talk to your Irving, TX dentist about your options for professional cosmetic dental work. The options for care that we provide include both take-home teeth whitening and in-office treatment. Because you have flexibility in the type of care you choose, it can be easier for you to fit an effective treatment into your current schedule and see stunning changes!

Are You Tired Of Looking At A Dull, Discolored Smile In The Mirror?

There are many products that people enjoy frequently, even daily, that can contribute to an accumulation of enamel stains. When they are not dealt with in time, they can become harder to ignore, and unfortunately they can also become harder to remove. Trying to take care of them by yourself can lead to less than welcome results. With teeth whitening toothpaste and store bought treatments, you can have limited improvements. You can find that with the help of your dentist, tougher stains can be removed, which means you can enjoy significant results from a whitening treatment!

Choosing Your Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Preference

Are you someone who would have an easier time whitening your teeth on your own? There is a way to do this and still see professional level results. We can supply a teeth whitening kit that you take home and use at your convenience. With this approach to care, you can still keep your care on your schedule, but you can see impressive changes that are difficult to achieve without professional whitening materials. For those who want to see their results as soon as possible, we do have the option of scheduling you for an in-office procedure. This way, you can have the outcome you want in just a short time, as we can complete your treatment in one visit.

Let’s Look At Your Other Options For Cosmetic Work

There are other options available for cosmetic dental work. One benefit to this is that you can learn about how intrinsic discoloration is treated. This problem occurs when you have issues within the tooth structure that make your teeth appear dull or discolored. We can cover this with dental bonding work or veneers. These solutions also help to positively change a person’s tooth shape, size, and color.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Your Options For Teeth Whitening Treatment

Through teeth whitening treatments provided at our practice, we can help patients who are self-conscious because their enamel has started to appear dull and unsightly. If you would like to find out more about how we can help, please reach out to Defining Smiles in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.