Your goals when it comes to smile care should include the intention to remain cavity-free. Even when one is caught early, it will do permanent harm to your enamel, which is why restorative dental work has to include the placement of a dental filling or crown. The good news is that your Irving, TX dentist can provide valuable care when you need to do something about tooth decay. We can identify a problem, remove bacteria and damaged tissues, and provide a restoration that preserves your appearance as well as your oral health and dental function!

What Can Your Dentist Do For You If You Have A Cavity?

If you have a cavity, you will need to undergo professional treatment from your dentist. Without that treatment, decay will continue to spread and do damage to your enamel. That can lead to more structural harm as well as the start of a painful infection when bacteria enter your pulp. Fortunately, you can have care provided before these complications occur. At a routine dental exam, we can let you know that there is a problem, and we can make sure that it is treated, before the health of your tooth worsens.

Promptly Treating An Issue With Dental Decay

When you have a problem with tooth decay identified and addressed, you can fully resolve a problem with your oral health. Timely care can end with the placement of a dental filling, a conservative restoration that only covers the area where decay formed. A dental filling made from resin material can actually imitate your tooth structure and bond to it, so we can make sure that your smile is not altered by treatment. The placement of your filling will keep your tooth safe against structural damage and another infection, which allows you to bite and chew without issue.

Fully Restoring Your Tooth If You Have A Severe Cavity

If you have a larger cavity, we will need to provide more support than a filling offers. We can take care of teeth with both full and partial dental crowns. Your options for partial crowns include both inlays and onlays. These take up more space than a filling will cover, but they do not have to completely envelop a tooth. With a full crown, we can provide total coverage. This is important for making sure a vulnerable tooth is both safe and capable of biting and chewing without issue.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Scheduling Cavity Treatment!

Through your cavity treatment, you can make sure your tooth is safe and secure without having to change your appearance! Our Irving, TX dental office is proud to provide support for patients who need work done due to decay and other problems. If you have questions or wish to find out more about our practice, please call Defining Smiles in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.