In your daily routine, you should floss at least once, and you should brush twice. When you commit to your oral hygiene in this way, you can protect yourself against the kind of harmful tartar buildup that can lead to problems with tooth decay and gum disease. As important as your daily efforts are, you should take care not to assume that they will be all the support that you need. When you visit your Irving, TX dentist for routine care, your dental cleaning can fight any buildup of tartar present on your teeth. Unlike plaque buildup, tartar will resist your own efforts to clean your smile. This is one of many reasons why you should make preventive services a part of your overall oral hygiene routine!

Does Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine Protect You Against Tartar Buildup?

Your hygiene routine can stop tartar buildup from developing, as you can do a good job keeping your smile free of plaque. However, once you have tartar deposits, you will need your hygienist’s help to fight them. This is part of why you should look to your regular dental exams for help maintaining your oral health. Without this extra assistance, an accumulation of tartar in a harder to reach area can make it difficult for you to prevent the onset of problems that can hurt your smile and well-being.

The Importance Of Consistent Dental Cleanings

Your regular dental checkups include teeth cleanings that will help you stay protected against tartar formation as well as problems like dental decay and gum disease. We take care to provide thorough reviews and care whenever you see us for routine services. The removal of visible tartar can be good for your smile. The care we put into protecting you against the buildup of bacteria and other harmful agents will also help you reduce your risk for the kinds of problems that call for restorative dental work.

Additional Reasons To Schedule Preventive Services Regularly

Patients who feel confident that their teeth are healthy can sometimes discover that they have problems that are serious enough to require restorative services. It can be frustrating to learn that your “healthy” smile actually has an active issue. With that said, you should be glad to have prompt treatment, as this stops you from experiencing the kinds of complications that can form over time and demand more involved care.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Scheduling Your Next Dental Cleaning!

Through a combination of smart oral hygiene habits at home and dental cleanings, you can protect yourself against the formation of plaque and tartar, which helps your smile and lowers your risk for difficulties with your dental well-being. To find out more or set up an appointment, please call Defining Smiles in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.