How vulnerable are you to tooth decay? What is your current risk for gum disease? These are important questions to ask, but they can prove difficult to answer if you are not scheduling dental checkups on a regular basis. At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, we can provide important feedback on your smile health as well as in-office services that keep your teeth and gums protected. What we can also do is help you to recognize shortcomings in your daily routine. Whether that support comes from direct advice or helpful warnings about areas of your smile that have more issues with tartar buildup, we can work with you to improve your overall oral hygiene and better resist dental problems!

Better Daily Behaviors Lower Your Risk For Tooth Decay And Gum Disease

As valuable as professional dental visits are for your overall oral health, you should also take care to protect yourself on a daily basis. Through a combination of better hygiene efforts and smart diet decisions, you can reduce your chances of experiencing problems with dental decay. The right routine of brushing and flossing will control your risk for plaque and tartar buildup, and you can reduce your vulnerability to problems with decay by cutting back on sugary and acidic products. You can help improve your body’s natural resistance to decay by staying hydrated, which helps you produce saliva.

Make The Most Of Your Brushing And Flossing Routine

The importance of proper brushing and flossing should be obvious. Unfortunately, even those who feel they do a good job at caring for their teeth can fall short and leave themselves vulnerable to problems that require restorative dental work. We have a few tips to help you make the most of your habits. When flossing, make sure you clean the spaces between your teeth each evening, not just when you feel debris wedged in place. You should also take care to move your floss string with a vertical motion, which helps you fight the accumulation of bacteria at the base of your teeth. Take time to brush twice a day, and remember to clean at the base of your teeth. Be careful about aggressive motions that can cause enamel erosion. Replace a toothbrush every three months, or when the bristles appear worn, and verify that you are using an ADA-accepted toothpaste with fluoride.

Including Dental Appointments In Your Overall Oral Hygiene Routine

Caring for your smile at home is important. To make sure your efforts at preventive care are a success, keep up with your regular dental exams. At these appointments, we can provide helpful updates as well as thorough cleanings to remove any plaque or tartar on your smile.

Your Irving, TX Dentist Can Help You Maintain A Healthier, More Confident Smile!

Through better oral hygiene, you can take important steps toward significantly lowering your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Our practice is here to help by providing ongoing preventive services for patients of all ages. Combining these visits with better daily behaviors will help you maintain a smile that is healthy, attractive, and confident! If you wish to learn more or set your next appointment, please call Defining Smiles in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.