You clean your teeth every day, so why should you go into your dentist’s office to have this service provided by your hygienist? As important as it is to be consistent with daily oral hygiene efforts, you should turn to your dentist’s office for help in preventing dental troubles. At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, we are prepared to meet with you to both evaluate and thoroughly clean your teeth. Among other benefits, this gives you access to services that remove tartar buildup, something that you are not able to do on your own.

Why You Should Count On Your Hygienist For Help In Cleaning Your Smile

Your dental hygienist provides important support for your smile in several ways. One important way they help you is by removing tartar buildup from your teeth. Tartar is a common concern – while its removal does not require restorative dental work, it still needs to be addressed at a dental office. Cleanings also point out areas where your daily brushing and flossing efforts are less effective, which can help you change up your practices to better protect yourself against dental decay and gum disease.

Fighting The Accumulation Of Tartar On Your Teeth

When plaque buildup forms, you can remove deposits on your own by brushing and flossing your teeth. However, you need to be consistent and thorough with your routine, because plaque will harden to form tartar, which will make it difficult to remove. Deposits that have formed will stay in place, and that development will leave you more vulnerable to trouble that does require your dentist’s help. Fortunately, those who set up and attend semiannual dental exams can receive help with this problem. Your hygienist will clear away all tartar deposits found at your appointment to stop them from doing harm to your smile.

Tips For More Effective Brushing And Flossing Efforts

There is more to brushing and flossing than just consistency, though a consistent routine certainly does matter in the long run. With that said, make sure that when you clean your teeth you always take at least two minutes to brush thoroughly, that you floss with a vertical motion to clear away all bacteria present, and that you always depend on ADA-accepted toothpaste that contains fluoride. Doing this, and maintaining a smart diet that cuts back on sugar, will help you keep your smile in great shape!

Schedule A Teeth Cleaning And Exam At Our Irving, TX Dentist’s Office

Our dental office is here to help patients when they have oral health issues, but remember that we are also here to help you prevent those problems. If you would like to find out more about how we can support you, please call Defining Smiles in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.