Can you really ignore a problem with a chipped and cracked tooth, even if it means losing confidence in your smile? Even minor damage to your enamel can be enough to cause big issues for your appearance. With that said, you should not assume that a problem is as minor as it appears, as your tooth may be more vulnerable to further damage than you realize! At our Irving, TX dentist’s office, we can provide important feedback about the condition of teeth that are chipped or cracked. If necessary, we can recommend restorative services. With that said, we can also talk to you about more conservative cosmetic dental procedures that give you back your confident smile through conservative treatment.

A Conservative Procedure Can Restore Your Smile After A Dental Injury

With a conservative cosmetic dental procedure, we can take care of your smile by hiding the effects of a physical injury. A chipped or cracked tooth can be restored without the use of a dental crown. By moving forward with a procedure that directly targets damage and leaves more of your surrounding tooth structure alone, we can preserve more of your enamel and even shorten your treatment time! With a tooth bonding and contouring procedure, we can have your appearance effectively restored in as little as one appointment!

Your Cosmetic Treatment Options

A tooth bonding and contouring procedure makes changes to a tooth’s shape, size, and color without any restorations. Rather than cap the tooth with a crown or veneer, your dentist will carefully reshape it to make it more even, and use a composite resin substance to hide visible damage or discoloration stemming from a physical injury. We can also provide cosmetic treatment with porcelain veneers. Although veneers do require more preparatory work, and a procedure can take longer to complete, these restorations offer more durability, making it easier to preserve your restored smile’s appearance.

What If I Need More Than Just Cosmetic Treatment?

You may be surprised to learn that the “minor” chip or crack in your tooth actually calls for restorative dental work. It is important that you receive an evaluation to see just how serious a problem might be after physical trauma occurs. By overlooking a more serious issue, you leave yourself vulnerable to complications that seriously impact your smile and oral health.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Cosmetic Work For Your Injured Tooth

Through cosmetic dental work, we can restore your appearance after a physical injury while minimizing changes to your enamel. During a visit, we can evaluate your tooth to see what kind of conservative treatment might be appropriate. If necessary, we can also recommend restorative work to prevent problems from occurring at a later date. To find out more about our practice and services, please call Defining Smiles in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.