When you visit your dentist for routine care, you undergo a checkup so that you can learn if you have any cavities that need to be treated. This is an important part of preventive dental care, but you should know that cavities are not out only concern during your appointment. Your Irving, TX dentist will look for any signs of poor oral health that can affect your well-being and appearance. One issue we check for is gum disease. Gum disease can be reversed when it is caught in time. If we notice symptoms of gingivitis, we can provide a periodontal cleaning to fight an infection. This cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, removes bacteria that gather on the roots of your teeth to affect your health. This prevents an infection from growing more serious, which can lead to long-term difficulties.

Are You Currently Dealing With Gingivitis?

You may already recognize that something is wrong with your periodontal health because of different changes in your gums. Those changes include an increased tendency to bleed when you brush and floss, the onset of swelling and discoloration, and even a change in your gum line. Be careful about assuming that your gums are healthy just because you have not noticed any problems. If you let your confidence that nothing is wrong blind you to the need for a checkup, you can let problems worsen and create more difficult issues!

What Does Gum Disease Treatment Involve?

To fight gingivitis, we perform periodontal cleanings that remove bacteria that are already gathering below your gum line. Fighting this bacteria stops your infection and lets your tissues heal and return to their normal state. We perform this service as an alternative to a typical teeth cleaning when gingivitis is present, meaning it can be a part of some, but not all, of a person’s preventive appointments.

Additional Reasons To Consistently Schedule Preventive Care

Through regular preventive exams, patients receive important early warnings about more than just gum disease. We can spot cavities before they make you uncomfortable, and perform restorative dental work when only a dental filling is needed to restore your tooth. We also check for the early symptoms of oral cancer. Early detection and treatment lets us start treatment sooner, which makes recovery more likely.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist’s Office About Scheduling A Checkup

Patients who come to Defining Smiles for preventive care can count on more than just protection from cavities. During your regular visits, we look closely for any signs of gingivitis, a problem we can address through scaling and root planing. Problems with gum disease that go untreated can worsen in time, and that can lead to complications that are difficult to address. If you would like to learn more, or if you wish to schedule a visit with us, you can reach our dental office in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.