Are you really free of oral health problems, or are you just free of symptoms that you can identify on your own? If you are not scheduling dental exams on a regular basis, you can let problems form and worsen, which means that they can require more involved restorative dental work by the time you bring up concerns with your dentist. With regular checkups, you receive early warnings that limit your risk for oral health complications, and you receive helpful teeth cleanings that make it easier to avoid future problems! Our Irving, TX dental office is here to help you take care of your smile by providing important preventive services, and by recommending treatments when necessary to return you to good oral health.

1. Trouble With Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a common problem, one patients can expect their dentist to check for when they go in for routine care. While it may be a common concern, people still experience trouble with cavities. At a checkup, your dentist can actually catch decay before it is serious enough to cause you a worrying amount of discomfort. While smaller cavities can be treated with dental fillings, larger ones can require dental crowns.

2. Poor Periodontal Health

Is there a way to spot gingivitis between appointments? Some of the symptoms can grab your attention. For example, you can grow concerned because you start to bleed when you brush and floss, or because a portion of your gums appear inflamed, swollen, or discolored. Your dentist is also able to spot signs of poor periodontal health at an appointment. Once a problem is identified, we can provide care to help you restore your periodontal health. If nothing is done to address gingivitis, it can worsen in time, which can mean long-term problems that you will have to manage.

3. Early Warning Signs Of Oral Cancer

In addition to looking for common problems like tooth decay and gum disease, our practice will look out for potentially serious problems like oral cancer. By doing an inspection for the early warning signs of this disease, we can determine if you need to be tested. While this is a serious disease, early detection and treatment can improve your chances of enjoying a full recovery.

Schedule A Dental Exam With Dr. Gonzalez At Defining Smiles!

At every routine dental exam, patients can count on Dr. Gonzalez to provide important updates about the quality of their oral health, as well as warnings about any problems that may call for treatment. Remember that oral health problems can escape your notice initially, which is why checkups are a good idea even when you feel fine. To find out more, please reach out to Defining Smiles in Irving, TX by calling 972-717-0860.