You know one thing for sure:  You want to do something about the stains that have accumulated on your enamel. However, you may be less sure of what your treatment options are, or how you should arrange cosmetic care. Our Irving, TX dentist’s office makes teeth whitening treatment more accessible to patients by offering two different approaches. We can welcome you for treatment in our office, or we can send you home with a personalized kit that lets you show off a significantly whiter smile thanks to at-home care! Our practice is able to do more than just make your teeth whiter. We can discuss other treatment options if you are interested in cosmetic dental procedures that address issues with the shape, size, or alignment of teeth.

Is Teeth Whitening Treatment Something That Appeals To You?

Many people express interest in teeth whitening treatment. Over time, a person’s smile can grow dull because their teeth are exposed to too many foods and drinks that leave particles that stain enamel. As those stains settle and accumulate, they can be difficult to remove. You may have become frustrated with past efforts to brighten your smile if you depended on toothpastes that promised to remove stains, or whitening kits that are available at your local grocery store or pharmacy. To see meaningful changes, talk to your dentist, who can provide advanced bleaching agents that are designed to remove stubborn stains.

Deciding On The Whitening Treatment That Best Suits You

You can choose between a whitening treatment that is performed at our location, or a kit that we provide you for at-home use. A take-home kit can be more convenient, as you can comfortably address stains at home on your own schedule. The kit that you receive will include advanced whitening agents as well as trays that are custom-made to help you apply this substance evenly. If you want to see your results in the shortest time possible, you can reach out to discuss treatment in the office. We can review different approaches, including whitening treatment with laser technology or fast results delivered by Zoom Quick Pro.

Other Solutions To Frustrating Cosmetic Problems

Teeth stains are a common problem, but they are not the only problem that you can experience. Dental damage can occur because of a teeth grinding habit, general wear and tear over time, or an injury. To restore the shape and size of your teeth, we can recommend having them capped with custom porcelain veneers, or addressing problems with tooth bonding and contouring treatment.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Teeth Whitening Treatment

Defining Smiles is ready to meet with individuals who have grown frustrated with their appearance. If you want to discuss cosmetic dental work, or if you have any other smile-related concerns, you can reach our dental practice in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.