How healthy has your smile been this past year? Did you remain cavity-free and avoid issues with gingivitis, or did you find yourself in the dentist’s chair for restorative dental work? Even if you felt managing your oral health was relatively easy these past twelve months, you could benefit from setting oral health goals for the new year. A better approach to preventive dental care can ensure you go through 2021 without the need for oral health care. Our Irving, TX dentist’s office can help you set goals by offering general guidance, and by pointing out potential concerns in the course of your next routine dental exam.

What Should Your Oral Health Goals Look Like?

Your oral health goals should focus on more than just cavity prevention. To maintain an attractive and healthy smile, you should focus on preventing tartar buildup, avoiding gingivitis, and protecting your enamel from excess wear and tear. If you have struggled with any oral health concerns in the past year, or in previous years, you may need to re-examine your oral hygiene routine. People who have routines that are “pretty” good or “somewhat” consistent leave themselves open to more problems because they let issues form and worsen, particularly when they also skip regular exams.

Make Sure You Schedule Routine Dental Exams For 2021

With every regular exam, you receive important feedback about your oral health. Your dentist will closely look you over for signs of trouble like tooth decay and gum disease, and they will check for signs of serious trouble like oral cancer. The feedback that you receive during routine visits will also help you recognize shortcomings in your daily approach to dental care. For example, if you have more tartar accumulation in harder to reach areas, it can be a sign that your brushing routine is less effective than it could be.

Should You Look Into Cosmetic Work For The New Year?

Your smile may be healthy, but if you feel less than confident showing it off, you may want to talk with your dentist. Cosmetic dental work can give you an important confidence boost by addressing different areas of concern. We can target problems with dental discoloration through a teeth whitening treatment, or make more significant improvements by placing porcelain veneers!

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Your Oral Health Goals

Our dentist’s office in Irving, TX is ready to help patients feel great about their smile through the new year and beyond! Make sure that in addition to having good habits to follow at home, you regularly visit your dentist for routine oral health appointments. To schedule a visit, discuss an active smile concern, or learn more about our cosmetic services, call Defining Smiles in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.