Once a cavity forms and damages your enamel, you will need to schedule treatment with your dentist to stop the harm from spreading. For some patients, treatment will not occur until a cavity is too large for a dental filling, which means they will need a dental crown to protect their tooth. While other practices often require at least two appointments to complete treatment with a crown, our Irving, TX dentist’s office can have this work done in as little as one appointment! What allows us to do this? With the CEREC technology in our practice, we can go through the process of making a custom crown and placing it on your tooth during one visit. This shortens your treatment time and ensures you do not have to wait to have a permanent, lifelike restoration in place to support your tooth!

Can I Really Receive A Same-Day Crown For My Problem Tooth?

When a cavity or injury affects the health of your tooth, it can be necessary to perform restorative dental work and resolve the problem. While a dental filling is the most conservative treatment option, these restorations can provide too little support for advanced damage. In these circumstances, we can recommend care in the form of a custom dental crown. Because our office has everything we need to digitally design a crown and produce it on site, we can have it on your tooth in as little as one day!

How We Produce Custom Dental Crowns In The Office

We have the resources that we need to make a custom, tooth-colored crown at our practice, which means we do not have to turn to a third party dental lab to have your restoration made. During your visit, your tooth will be carefully studied so that we can determine the right shape and size of your crown. With this information, your restoration can be digitally made before it is produced with our milling machine. Once it is ready, we can cap it on your tooth to give you permanent protection.

Other Solutions To Dental Problems We Can Offer

With porcelain inlays and onlays, we are able to take care of problems that are too severe for a dental filling while still only modifying part of your tooth. Just as we can provide full crowns in one appointment, we can have an inlay or onlay ready for you in as little as one visit.

Talk To Your Irving, TX Dentist About Receiving A Same-Day Crown!

Defining Smiles is ready to help patients when they need treatment with a dental crown. While other practices that can require two appointments to place a permanent crown, we can provide you with your custom restoration in just one day! To find out more about our office, and the different services that we provide, call our dentist’s office in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.