If you develop a cavity, the condition of your tooth will continue to worsen in the time it takes you to set up the appropriate restorative dental treatment. Having your Irving, TX dentist remove decayed enamel will only be part of the treatment process. A cavity is concerning not just because it will keep growing without treatment, but because the damage that occurs will be permanent. This is why dental fillings and dental crowns have to be placed – without their protection, a tooth would remain in a vulnerable state! Our practice can do more than just make sure that your tooth stays safe. With the materials we use to create restorations, we can provide treatment that preserves your smile as well as your oral health!

Cavities Cause Permanent Damage To Our Enamel When They Form

With good daily habits, and with consistent trips to see your dentist for routine preventive care, you can stop minor enamel erosion from turning into a cavity. The unfortunate truth is that even people who feel confident they take good care of their teeth can wind up with a cavity at least once in their life. Until that cavity is treated, it will keep growing and doing more permanent harm to your tooth structure. Even if it is caught early, the cavity will make it necessary for your dentist to do something to restore a tooth. This protection allows you to bite and chew with the confidence that your tooth will remain in good condition. Treatment also helps you by protecting you against potential infection.

Scheduling Treatment With A Dental Filling

Dental fillings only take up the space where a cavity formed, making them a conservative solution to the problem of dental decay. Once bacteria and the damaged portion of your enamel are removed, your dentist can place a custom filling made from a lifelike resin material. In addition to matching your enamel, this material can bond to the surrounding tooth structure and provide lasting support.

Placing A Partial Or Full Dental Crown

In some cases, cavities are too large for treatment with dental fillings. We can use either a partial or a full crown for your tooth in this situation. Partial crowns provide more protection than fillings, but they do not cover the entire tooth like a full crown will. In the event that you do need a full crown, we can design one with the CEREC technology in our office in just one appointment!

Your Irving, TX Dentist Can Restore Your Smile If You Need Treatment For Dental Decay

Defining Smiles is prepared to help patients who experience dental decay and need to undergo restorative work. To find out more about our practice and services, call our dentist’s office in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.