Without realizing it, a person can pick up significant teeth stains over time. Upon looking back at earlier pictures, you can be alarmed to notice just how much the color of your smile has changed through the years. Unfortunately, it is difficult to fully remove all of the foods and drinks that cause stains from your diet, and these stains can persist even as you practice an oral hygiene routine that keeps you safe from cavities. What you should know is that your Irving, TX dentist is ready to help you do something about your dental discoloration. Professional teeth whitening is one of several cosmetic dental services that we provide. You can choose to move forward with an in-office whitening treatment, or we can send you home with a personalized kit that will let you fight stains on your schedule!

Teeth Stains Are Often Difficult To Avoid Or Remove

Foods and drinks that are dark or rich in color can leave behind the particles that give them their color on our enamel. Coffee, cola, red wine, and tea are just a few examples of products people frequently enjoy that can leave stains. You may find it difficult to fully protect yourself against new stains, and even as you cut back on products you suspect are responsible for your discoloration, you can find the removal of current stains difficult. Whitening toothpastes and store bought whitening kits are often effective at taking care of recent stains, but they can have a harder time dealing with the buildup of particles that has gone on for a longer period of time.

Discussing Whitening Treatment With Your Irving, TX Dentist

Our practice offers two options for professional teeth whitening. One is the option to take home a customized whitening kit. The kit you are given will include potent bleaching agents that are capable of safely removing stubborn stains, as well as oral trays that help you apply this substance evenly. When you pick up the kit from our practice, your dentist can discuss what you should do to make sure you teeth are effectively treated. If you want to see your results in a shorter time, we can schedule a professional whitening treatment in the office instead of sending you home with a whitening kit.

What Else Can You Do About Visible Smile Flaws?

Your dental discoloration could be caused by something other than accumulated teeth stains! If this is the case, we can discuss other cosmetic procedures that might be right for you. To deal with internal changes in your tooth structure that have dulled your smile, we can recommend the placement of porcelain veneers on your teeth, or we can plan a tooth bonding procedure. Both options are able to cover you enamel, hiding potentially embarrassing blemishes that are difficult to address with whitening agents.

Learn How Defining Smiles Can Improve Your Appearance!

Defining Smiles is prepared to help patients who are feeling self-conscious about their teeth because of discoloration. To learn how we can help you, call our dentist’s office in Irving, TX today at 972-717-0860.