Are you doing enough to clean your teeth every day? Have you been able to keep tartar formation from developing by brushing and flossing thoroughly? Many people who feel confident in their daily smile care routine will still allow some tartar buildup to form in between dental appointments. What makes tartar buildup worrying is that deposits cannot be moved by your toothbrush or floss. Fortunately, the buildup that takes place between visits with your Irving, TX dentist will be removed during your scheduled teeth cleaning. While tartar removal is important, it is just one of several benefits to being consistent with dental exams and cleanings!

1. These Cleanings Help You Fight Tartar Formation

Tartar buildup will make you vulnerable to dental decay and gum disease. Because you cannot remove deposits on your own, it is important that you consistently visit your dentist’s office for routine care and cleanings. Your hygienist will clear away the buildup of tartar on your teeth, stopping these deposits from causing problems that would make restorative dental work necessary.

2. Cleanings Help You Recognize Shortcomings In Your Smile Care Routine

If you have more tartar buildup in a certain area, or if there are spaces where more plaque and food particles are present, your hygienist can point these areas out to you, helping you recognize shortcomings in your brushing and flossing routine. By making the appropriate changes, you will do a better job protecting your smile against problems that form between visits and require treatment with dental fillings.

3. Scheduled Cleanings Include Evaluations That Keep You Informed About Your Oral Health

Because your teeth cleanings are paired with dental exams, preventive visits offer many benefits that you do not want to do without. Every time Dr. Gonzalez checks your teeth and gums, he will look closely at their condition to identify problems that are not yet serious enough to cause symptoms you notice. Early detection and treatment matters because we are not able to slow down problems with tooth decay on our own. However, by having a cavity caught in time, you can have it treated and have your tooth restored before you need a dental crown to support and protect it.

Schedule Your Next Teeth Cleaning At Our Irving, TX Dentist’s Office!

In order to stay on top of your oral health, you should make a point of scheduling regular dental cleanings and evaluations. While your daily habits are important, your smile benefits when you have regular updates about your dental well-being and thorough cleanings to remove tartar! Our Irving, TX dentist’s office is proud to provide preventive care as well as a variety of cosmetic and restorative services that will help you show off a bright, confident smile! To find out more, call Defining Smiles today at 972-717-0860.